Monday, June 2, 2008


Lil bit about HER.
Dayah.She's 20 y/o.24 March 1988.Rembau,N9.
She's my lil sista.
Feel wierd?
Yeah i dun hv a real lil sista but she seem like my lil sista now.
I love to share anything with her.
I'm feel free to share anything with her.
She's always there when i need her.
She's very understanding person.
I'm getting more close with her since last year.
*Maybe, dun really remember the exact time*
yeah, bcoz of myspace we met, we getting close n till now :)
Sometimes we getting crazy.
Bcoz of the BORED day.
Mule la merepek meraban. :P
I'm really appreciate our relationship
I hope our relationship will last longer.
Oi dik, Akak mu ni sayang kaw lah~!

look! i'm there. ;)

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