Saturday, November 29, 2008

# 135 - Tag IV

Taggggg Oleh Puan Pia
1. take your bag, be it hand bag, man bag, sling bag or any other bags that you put your stuff in
2. take everything out and put it nicely around the bag
3. describe the items found in your bag
4. let the readers judge
5. see whether their prejudgments about your personality are correct or not

1. Beg teddy tales kecit cenonet. da bpe thn aku gune dah.
2. Wallet Espirit pon cam nak ancor dah ;P
3. Casing hp
4. Hp nokia 5610 Express Music
5. Hp Nokia 6600 lame gile bpak
6. Compaq powder Silky white
7. Eye liner(wajib ade!)
8. Lip Balm Nivea Strawberry
9. Perfume Miracle

tu je la slalu aku angkut dlm beg cenonet tu. da bli beg baru. makin besar beg aku. makin byk lah isi dlm tu nnt. hahah

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