Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hye guys!

My name is Alfy. 
Alfy the roborovski
Am i too cute for u? Yes i am. 
 I have 2 good friends name Mira & Ady. 
They bought me at Pets Wonderland Midvalley. 
For the time being, Mira will take care of me.

At first, i'am to shy with 'em. Look at the picture above,
it's me trying to hide but i can't. T_T

 Taraaaa. Look at me look at me look at me, 
i can hide under the habuk habuk. Alfy the shy roboroski yaww.

 U noe wut? I'm alone in this cage.
I want girlfriend! Mira & Ady, please let me have a girlfriend puhleasss.!~

I love to sleeeeeep.
And i love to run run run and run on the wheel.
I'm always disturbing Mira when she get sleep at night.
Ha ha ha. 
Kesian dia.

until then, bye olllss!


  1. babe!!adah ske gak gi pet wonderland midvalley..terbaik!!!;b

    alfy kiut!!!hehe

  2. comel mcm tuannya laaa...hehehe


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