Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Haruslah anda mengambil berat ke atas kebajikan pekerja anda

Remember this?

I'm very excited to be part of them. As i said in b4, i'm not very happy on how the react on my probation. 

No black and white until now. Supposedly by 28th December 2010 they should give me new offer letter as permanent staff. But until now nothing from them. I've met/asked that lady from HR department who handle about my offer letter, she said she will come back to me and give the letter. seee nuthing okey. nuthing til now

My contract end by 27th Dec 2010. No black and white letter telling me that i'm part of their staff there. So, what is my 'status' rite now?

anytime they can kick me from there as i dun have any black and white letter telling me that i'm their staff. 

Today 4th January 2011. Tunggu dan lihat ape yang bakal terjadi lepas ni. 

Ya ALLAH permudahkan lah jalan hambamu ini.


  1. still in progress kot kak mira..hee..
    all da best ea.. :D

  2. dorang ni da macam nak memain lak yer.
    kamo takde nnti tahu la dorang nnti...

  3. ciannye ko..xpe mira..maybe dorg busy kot..ermm..ko try la cari keje lain..mane tau kan nnti tetibe je..sblm kene baik cari.. :)

  4. sabar menungu dengan penuh sabar lagi dan lagi..=)

  5. aku pon same cm ko mira...mcm sengal pon ade.takpe takde surat aku chow sudeh..haha

  6. Nana: tk de nye nana.. kalo ikut kan die tahu awal dah kne buat surat tu ape sume. sbb sebulan b4 abes contract die da tnye awl2 nk smbung jadi permanent staff or tak..

  7. Kak bib: Entah la kak. tak diperlukan kot kat cni T_T

  8. Rina: Ko pon same? huhuhu bese la kan kte kan fresh grad, di anak tirikan senang senang

  9. sabar sis.. kalau ada rezeki insyaAllah


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